Dating Someone With Anxiety

Love A Little Harder

Dating someone with anxiety, or any kind of mental health disorder can be stressful and hold a strain on how the relationship grows. Especially if you don’t suffer from anxiety yourself. But much like how someone doesn’t choose a mental health disorder, you can’t choose who you fall for. That said, there is no preparing yourself to date someone who suffers, but you can educate yourself to get a better understanding of why the one you love may feel a certain way or do certain things.

Anxiety is scary, but it’s a real problem and it’s normal, everyone is going to face some sort of anxiety at some point in their life. But everyone is also different, let’s face it, you fell for your significant other because they made you feel a type of way that no one else has made you feel. Whether they told you they have anxiety in the beginning or you found out later on, this shouldn’t change how you see or love the person. It’s a part of them and you should love them for all of them, good and bad. Anxiety is in no way logical or rational but it’s not a weakness, if anything, it makes a person stronger and therefore, a relationship stronger, even if it takes time.

But just like our significant others, we who have anxiety need to understand that they don’t suffer so this can be frustrating. That’s why it takes team work and just like any other situation that will arise in relationships communication is key, along with patience, I can’t stress that enough. I for sure have lost relationships because of my anxiety, not just romantic ones, but relationships with friends, family and even work relationships. For years I blamed myself, my anxiety, but I no longer do that, because it’s not my fault that some days I can’t go to work, or that sometimes I say I will do something, and I don’t, and if you suffer, know it’s not your fault either.

So, let me give you some advice. If you are currently dating someone who suffers from anxiety, or another mental health disorder, sit down with them and discus this. Ask questions and show that you care. Let your significant other know that, even though you can’t stop the way they feel, you will be there, and you will have patience with them. Sometimes, all we need is just to know that the one we love is there for us. Talk to us, and just love us. Because at the end of the day love heals all and I can assure you that those who have anxiety are the most kind hearted, humble human beings that love harder than anyone else in the world.

xoxo Lizzy

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