Mental Health in the United States

One of the recent topics I have seen being discussed is the fact that Mental Health affects more people in the US compared to other countries. True, or not, I’ve done research and there are many factors to take into consideration. Such as: access to healthcare benefits, treatments, therapy, diet and exercise. All of which, some countries seem to be stronger in than others. But, most importantly, the stigma placed on Mental Health. So many people suffer in silence, or don’t get the proper help because Mental Health is not as accepted as it should.


If your suffering from a mental health illness please know that you should never be ashamed to seek help and you are never alone. Even when it is hard to get the help you need, don’t give up. I for one learned the hard way with my own battle with anxiety. I can go a long time without needing help, but when I have a bump in the road, I learned just how hard it is to get the help I need right away, more than once. Sure, I can call a doctor and book an appointment, but let’s be real, the earliest appointments available are sometimes weeks away. When someone suffers from any form of mental health, we can’t wait weeks for an appointment. We need same day, walk-in centers to help those suffering.

Now, one thing I learned in my research and personal experience is that Doctors in the US are so easy to place someone on medication. I’m not saying that medication is bad, it absolutely may be needed and does help, but not everyone needs medication, and it doesn’t need to be the first option. Why do doctors do this? I don’t know, but it needs to stop. We need more therapists, natural treatments, dietitians and just more people with a passion to actually help those suffer find ways to cope on their own. I’m not saying that if you eat your veggies you’ll be cured of your illness, but from my own experience I learned that foods I eat along with how I care for my body has a huge impact on my mental health. But I’ll get more into that in my next blog post. So stay tuned 🙂

So, back to the topic here, why is it that the US is slacking in the treatment of mental health? Easy, we need better healthcare and to break the stigma, so people are not afraid to seek help. One thing that everyone needs to know is that mental health doesn’t discriminate or care how healthy you are. If you are born with an illness, whether it is physical or mental, it is a part of you that diet and exercise alone will not cure. It can help, but consistent access to affordable treatment, treatment that actually works, with doctors who truly care is what we need most.

Just remember that, though you have a mental illness, it doesn’t define you. Stay strong, seek help when needed and never be ashamed.

xoxo Lizzy

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